Check below our list of rates by separate apartment, our general conditions for our guests and the payment methods available.

StandardR$ 410,00R$ 455,00R$ 645,00
LuxR$ 560,00R$ 700,00R$ 835,00
SuiteR$ 675,00R$ 790,00R$ 950,00
Master SuiteR$ 800,00R$ 935,00R$ 1.125,00
HigherR$ 455,00R$ 555,00R$ 750,00
Master SuiteR$ 705,00R$ 810,00R$ 980,00
HigherR$ 395,00R$ 480,00R$ 650,00
LuxR$ 485,00R$ 605,00R$ 760,00
StandardR$ 355,00R$ 395,00R$ 555,00
SuiteR$ 610,00R$ 710,00R$ 850,00

General Conditions

  • Check-in at 14:00h/Check-out at 12:00h:
  • Breakfast included (when served in the restaurant);
  • The above rates will be increased by a 10% service charge;
  • Welcome Drink Courtesy;
  • Free private parking;
  • CHD Policy: 0 to 05 years: COMPLIMENTARY – (01 CHD per apt., in case of a second child, 15% of the value of the apt. DBL will be charged); From 06 to 12 years: 25% of the value of the apt. DBL, per child (maximum 02 chd per apt.);
  • Cancellation policy for individual bookings: Up to 48 hours free of charge.
  • Rates valid until 12/31/2023;
  • Rates subject to change without notice;
  • Rates lose their validity during fairs, congresses, festive and extended holidays and CARNIVAL (Under Consultation).
  • Tariffs will automatically expire if there is any change in the country's financial system.

Payment Methods

50% advance and 50% at check-in; Extras check out.